Frequently Asked Questions

Are torrents legal?

Torrents are legal as html pages.

Users are responsible for their pages and file sharing.

What are Magnet Links?

Magnet links are an alternative way to distribute torrents. When you use it with compatible client, torrent file is downloaded from DHT (Distributed Hash Table) 'cloud'. It is supposed to be more reliable. If you want to get technical — Magnet Link for torrent is a HEX-encoded torrent info_hash value. More info in this Wikipedia article.

Why is torrent not downloading?

There are several reasons. The most frequent problem is dropping of external network connections because of firewall.In this case a client application reports something like 'no peers found'. Recheck that you have turned on 'UPNP enabled' flag in your BitTorrent client.Also one of the possible problem can be lack of seeders for the torrent that you would like to download. The field 'Requests' contains estimation of seeders for the torrent. If you have lack of seeders try to search using 'sort by downloads'.

The BitTorrent protocol (as the most of p2p protocols) connects to peers directly (every participant can see ip address another participants). For the sake of privacy you should use either anonymous proxy servers or VPN . We can not remove any content, because we do not host it and don't coordinate data exchange between peers. The storing content is user's responsibility.

The detailed manual to download at BTKitty — simple, as 1-2-3

Key Concepts

BitTorrent client

Software which downloads files using Magnet links / torrents.

Seeders (uploaders)

Users, who finished downloading all files in torrent and now upload them to other users. More seeders means better torrent health. Which means faster downloading for you.

Leechers (downloaders)

Users, who are still downloading files in torrent.


DHT is abbreviation for Distributed Hash Table. There are a lot of classes of DHT: CAN, Kademlia, Chord, Pastry and others. Each can be differently implemented. The Kademlia class of DHT is used in the BitTorrent space and there are two implementations of this kind of DHT: from Vuze and from BitTorrent (Mainline).

Torrent health / availability / speed

Basically, amount of seeders divided by amount of leechers. Better health means faster download.

Magnet Link

Another form of hyperlink. Popular way to download torrents — you don't have to deal with .torrent files any more, client will download them for you.

To download a torrent you need to perform three simple steps:

1. Download and install BitTorrent client

There are lots of BitTorrent clients, most advanced (and popular) are µTorrent, Vuze, Transmission, BitTorrent.

Grab any of them and install on your PC — just make sure it supports Magnet links.

2. Find torrent you want, click Magnet link — and start downloading

Find torrent you want to download — using btkitty's search, fresh torrents, popular torrents . You can also try to find torrent elsewhere, although we'd like you to find it on BTKitty. :-)

Click the link — it should bring up torrent client and start downloading right away.

If you're using older browser or Magnet links did not register properly in OS, clicking might not work.

In this case right-click the link and select 'Copy Shortcut' or 'Copy Link'. Go to your torrent client and use 'Open from URL' to start downloading.

To fix this, try installing recent version of torrent client with Magnet support (we recommend µTorrent or Vuze) and using modern browser (we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

3. Wait until download is complete

Your client might appear doing nothing for first couple of minutes — actually it is downloading metadata. Wait a bit and real download will start.

Once it is started, your BitTorrent client will request from the dht network for peers and start 'leeching' — connecting to peers to download files in torrent. This is where torrent health really matters — the more seeds torrent has, the faster it will be downloaded.

When download is finished, torrent client will start 'seeding' mode — other 'leechers' will download files from your copy of torrent.

Enjoy files you've downloaded — but don't forget to seed!

Now you can open downloaded files and do whatever you want with them.

It's considered polite to 'seed' the torrent for some time after downloading. Just do not stop torrent in client software and leave it overnight (or longer).

Good luck!

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