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Hi, you've reached contact page of btkitty.

These are your options:

Want to ask something or just say 'Hi' — write to [email protected].

You like BTKitty and want to tell us how great we are — again, write to [email protected].

We love getting these emails, makes us feel nice. Also we would really appreciate if you tell your friends about us.

Something is broken, you have a suggestion about the site — drop a note to [email protected].

You're an advertiser and want to put ads on our site — it's [email protected] for you. Please look up about advertising in FAQ.

You think that something indexed by BTKitty may infringe on your (or you client's) right — proceed to copyright policy ,write to [email protected].

You want to enlighten us about new exciting business ventures involving dead Nigerian kings or body parts enlargement — please kill yourself. It will make world a little better.

We do reply to nice polite e-mails. And we will ignore and probably laugh at any e-mail we do not like.

Please note that threats of any kind will be disclosed. Especially if you add 'do not disclose' legal mumbo-jumbo to them.


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